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The Sistine Chukker</em>, by Tom Bradford (1974)
The Recreation of Man (aka, The Sistine Chukker), by Tom Bradford (1974)

The Chukker Weekender: 27 & 28 October 2023

The good citizens of Chukker Nation united for two days of music, comedy, poetry, and raucous camaraderie! Druid City Brewing Company (Tuscaloosa) hosted reunions of bands and general shenanigans among the Chukkerites.
The schedule and other info are here. Join the Chukker Weekender Facebook Page for postmortems of the event.

Chukker Nation

Chukker Nation comprises a (very) loose-knit group of pranksters, malcontents, and misfits who found a home at the Chukker. It once had a newsletter. It occasionally has reunions. It's like Woodstock Nation, but without outdoor camping.

Chukker Weekender

The Weekender was held October 27-28, 2023. For postmortems and photographs, join its Facebook page and/or view the gallery here.

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