The Chukker: Media

Starting in 1980, live music was a key component of the Chukker's allure.

The Chukker archivists have glommed onto some video recordings. Should we create a YouTube playlist? We don't really know what to do with these video links.

Henri's Notions at the Chukker circa 1983Henri's Notions performing circa 1983, before the stage was built.

Chukker Shows

  • (shows bar)
  • Burning Zoo debut
  • Turbo 350
  • Getting a drink at the Chukker in 1990
  • Magic Man in Tuscaloosa
  • The Chukker by robertoreg1
  • Christopher and Magic Man by robertoreg1 (1992)
  • Turbo 350 Nothing good to say
  • Turbo 350 20 Flight Rock
  • Turbo 350 D.D.
  • Turbo 350 Chicks with Guitars
  • The Padded Cell pre-show
  • Matty J and the Vitamin A - An [audio] interview by Garth Vader (circa 1994)
  • Tim Lee and The Windbreakers LIVE at The Chukker 1986
    • "Matt Piucci of Rain Parade cranked up his electric guitar and sang backup vocals then Will Rigby and Peter Holsapple from the DB’s rocked the house with screaming guitars and vocals on the hit song White Light, White Heat a Velvet Underground cover. "
  • Burning Zoo 8th Chukker Performance 1989
  • The Dexateens
  • Universal Joint, 7/4/2002
  • American Way, 7/6/2002

Chukker Weekender: October 27-28, 2023

  • Club Wig "The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln"
  • Club Wig, the tail-end of "The Butler Barrel Polka"
    • Recorded by Marysia Galbraith
  • Club Wig, "Johnny"
  • Club Wig, "Maureen"
  • Club Wig, "Not Hers Now"
  • Club Wig, "One D"
  • The DTs
  • The Irascibles
    • The audio was recorded accidentally while a phone/camera was in Jeremy Butler's pocket. The video is a 20-second recording that has been stretched, in slow-motion, across the audio.

Chukker Adjacent

  • The Progressions radio program aided and abetted the music at the Chukker. It was hosted and founded by George Hadjidakis in the late 1970s. In the '80s, he was joined by Jeremy Butler, Randy Williams, and Lang Thompson. Progressions recordings are now available for on-demand streaming.
  • Penetrators (all from 1996)
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • Penetrators
  • The Penetrators '96 "Lamento A Go Go"
  • Model Citizen on We Have Signal
  • Burning Zoo Performs on WVUA Spotlight 1988
  • Model Citizen
  • Mary Tylosaur on Tuscaloosa Monorail Ep. 012 (Green Bar)
  • Storm Orphans at Radio Free Tuscaloosa 1990
  • Evil Wing by Model Citizen, video by Tad Davis (2013)
  • Kokomo Blues Band and Magic Man by robertoreg1

Chukker Nation

Chukker Nation comprises a (very) loose-knit group of pranksters, malcontents, and misfits who found a home at the Chukker. It once had a newsletter. It occasionally has reunions. It's like Woodstock Nation, but without outdoor camping.

Chukker Weekender

The Weekender was held October 27-28, 2023. For postmortems and photographs, join its Facebook page and/or view the gallery here.

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